As part of my Creative Multimedia course, We watched the documntary Objectified. The film concerns the design process and the habits of designers. Overall, I found the entire documentary very interesting. The three things that interested me most about the documentary were;

  1. The toothpick near the beginning of the film. It had a detatchable piece on the top that, not only signalled to others that the toothpick is used, but also, provided a stand that the toothpick could be rested on that keeps it from touching the table. I liked this design because it’s a very economical design. The piece that breaks off isn’t just discarded, it serves a purpose.
  2. The process of designing the handle of the potato peeler was very interesting. The fact that the inspiration for redesigning it came from a regular conversation and that it wound up being something as simple as putting a rubber bicycle handle on to it and that being the prototype.
  3. I like Marc Newson’s workspace where he just collects various different samples of material that, maybe one day, he’ll use in something. It speaks to always being on the look out for new ideas and new sources of inspiration.