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November 2015

Paper Prototyping

As part of my Creative Media course, we had to create our own paper prototype of an app that documents the art pieces that are dotted around the college building.

Paper prototyping allows developers to refine their design without too much effort. The developer sketches out the various screens and menus that are present in their app and asks a volunteer to navigate their way through the app. The developer takes note of any stumbling blocks that the user runs into, and fixes them in future revisions of the design.


Raspberry Pi

I think that the Raspberry Pi is one of the most compelling technologies that we have experienced in this course.

The technology was created to help students learn programming easily and cheaply. The price starts at $25 which is amazing considering what you get. RasPi-box

In the class, we connected the Raspberry Pi to a monitor and keyboard to see how it works. RasPi-connections

The Pi took a while to start up but, once it was running, we were presented with an interface that wasn’t too far from a regular computer. I feel that this would make it an easy entry point for students learning code to have a familiar interface to deal with.



The reactivation framework allows the tracking of fiducial markers to correspond with certain actions. One of the more common uses is as a sound mixer.

The above video showcases the capabilities of this technology. The sound’s volume, pitch and intensity are all controlled by the marker’s position and orientation on the page (or in the camera’s viewpoint).


In Emma’s class, we all got into groups based on the subject of our proposed ideas. My idea is an interactive timeline of the major events leading up to 1916 so, I was in the group brainstorming about 1916 with Niall, Julia, and Jordan.IMAG0244

We came up with a lot of ideas. The idea that really resonated with me was the idea of alternative viewpoints of 1916. Women and children’s experiences came up as well as the viewpoints of both the Irish and English sides. Possibly what propaganda came out of the time.
I had the idea of a timeline of the events with two branches coming off each event, one for the English side and one for the Irish side.

Gallery One in Cleveland

My example of an interactive museum exhibit is Gallery One in the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

I really liked how this art gallery has embraced modern technology to make art history more exciting and engaging to a modern audience. According to the website, you can download their app and use it as you walk through the museum. You can take a picture of a specific piece and the app will display extra information, such as, interpretations of the art. This provides a more personal experience to the user that creates more of an impact.

Another main feature of the museum is the collection wall, a 40-foot touchscreen display of the museums entire collection. Users can select individual artworks and access more information about them.

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