In our Professional Issues in Creative Multimedia class, we watched this talk given by Daniel Levitin on Information Overload

One of the things that stood out to me is that he didn’t have a PowerPoint presentation or any graphics, yet I found myself being able to pay attention to what he was saying. He made some very good points on multitasking and how studies show it doesn’t really exist and can be detrimental to productivity.

I’m almost never just doing one thing at a time. If I’m working on college assignments, I usually have Facebook open in another tab or have my headphones in listening to music or podcasts. (Which, I’m guilty of doing right now as I write this post). I realise that this might not be the best way of getting things done but, the thing is, I can’t focus in complete silence. Without something playing in the background, my mind just wanders in daydreams. The same daydreams that got me into trouble when I was in school. The sam daydreams that, I hope, one day will help me in my creative career.

I don’t really see this as multitasking because I don’t really pay attention  to the thing that’s playing in the background. Often, I’ll hear something completely random and out of context come up in a podcast that I have on and wonder how the conversation reached that topic. Then I’ll realise that I haven’t been listening for the past twenty minutes because I was so wrapped up in work.