As I was looking through my constituency’s candidates and their social media presences, I actually struggled to find someone who used social media regularly or even had a presence at all. The two most active that I found were Peadar Tóibín of Sinn Féin and Seamus McMenamin of the Green Party.

Tóibín’s Twitter feed comes across as very critical of the current government. Most of the tweets I came across were attacks on government policies. There are a few retweets of the SF twitter feed with info on their own policies but the rest feels like an attempt to unite voters against a common enemy rather than the common good.

McMenamin on the other hand shows a more positive viewpoint. His feed feels more welcoming, helped possibly by the fact that he is a first time candidate. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the government today, he promotes the positive aspects of his policies and even throws in a bit of self-deprecating humour.

I think I’d prefer to follow McMenamin’s feed rather than Tóibín’s because, if a candidate spends most of their time bashing their opponents rather than suggesting a better course of action, it feels like they don’t really have any good ideas of their own.